Hi Friends,

Over the last couple weeks I’ve heard from a good number of you about your concerns related to the ability to conduct commercial, advertising and product photoshoots in the metro detroit, michigan area, amid this Covid-19 pandemic. I wanted to assure all of you that this is something I’ve been giving a lot of thought to, and to share some ideas on creative ways we can adapt to continue to provide creative content to you and to your clients in the safest ways possible.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to assure you that I’m committed to especially helping those of our clients who are adversely affected by this crisis, and who are currently not sure what the future holds for them. Please know that in 2020 you can count on me to be extremely flexible and that I will be working hard to put your needs first. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if your company is struggling as a result of the current world situation and if you’d like to find out more about what I’m doing to help. You’ve been here for me and my team for years, entrusting your advertising photography needs to us. I want to assure you that I’m here for you too.

Below you’ll find some notes, ideas and creative processes I put together that should allow us to conduct photoshoots while adhering to or exceeding the guidelines associated with Covid-19, whenever necessary.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to bounce some ideas off of me on any upcoming projects.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and that we can work together again soon.

Marek Dziekonski


Leveraging technology to minimize the number of people on set during commercial photography shoots:

♦ tethered shooting paired with video conferencing and screen sharing to enable live review of images as they are captured
♦ second conference camera set up with the full view of the set for context
♦ pre-production via conferencing vs. in-person meetings


♦ leveraging lens compression and image depth to give the illusion that talent is closer to each other
♦ thoughtful composition in how talent is placed within the frame: tell the story while maintaining 6ft distance between talent
♦ using longer focal lengths, whenever possible, to maintain social distancing between photographer and talent


♦ photograph talent, location and background plates separately utilizing a greenscreen
♦ photograph on-location, bringing talent into the scene one at the time and compositing them into the final image in post

We can’t wait to get back out there and safely start producing the photoshoots for all of you again.




I wanted to offer my personal assurance that, as the current crisis develops, the safety of our creative teams, clients, crew and talent will be at the forefront of our minds at Dziekonski Photography. We are closely following the data and evolving guidelines and will work with our creative partners to put safeguards in place to minimize the risks.

Additional Ways to Ensure Safety:
♦ special attention to team members in at-risk groups: pre-existing conditions, 65+ age group
♦ minimal production crew
♦ minimized/simplified equipment
♦ on-set social distancing guidelines
♦ face masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes, etc, available on set
♦ individually packed meals vs. buffet catering