Client: Forte Belanger
Creative Director #1: Natalie C. Matovski
Creative Director #2: Ann-Marie Kim
Photographer: Marek Dziekonski
Creative Consultant
: Izabela Skonieczka
1st Assistant: Tim Heslip
Brief: Produce a library of corporate culture and lifestyle images, executive and team headshots, and event photos to be used in advertising, print and online marketing materials, social media and on Forte Belanger’s new website.


This advertising photography project for Forte Belanger was complex in the sense that we were tasked with capturing a wide variety of images across vastly differing genres of photography. We had 3 days to photograph the process, application, product and environmental team portraits. Day 1 was by far our busiest one. We needed to move very quickly through the day, often changing locations and switching between photographing action around us and setting up for headshots. To ensure the mobility and quick set ups we ended up opting for shooting with video lights vs. our typical studio strobe set ups. For this project we used 2 Core SWX TorchLED Bolt 250 lights and a 250W Lowel Pro Flood Light.

Day 3 of our shoot was focusing on showcasing Forte Belanger’s high end catering service within actual client environment. Since they were commissioned to do event design and catering for DIA Gala at the Detroit Institute of Arts, it provided us with the perfect opportunity to capture the remaining images needed to complete this project.

The most challenging thing about the coverage was at the same time the most exciting – because it was a live corporate event, being unobtrusive was key and we were asked to photograph with available light only. It was quite refreshing to leave our studio lights behind, pack light and enjoy the simplicity of seeking out the best light that’s already there.

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