Client: Hour Media for Mich. Magazine
Design Director: Ken Cendrowski
Photographer: Marek Dziekonski
Assistant/behind the scenes images: Bradley Mansour
Brief: To produce dramatic portraits for Hour Media’s Mich. magazine of Nexteer’s president Mike Richardson, the Director of Global Corporate Affairs Luis Canales, and an industrial electrician Amy Parrent.

I think it would be safe to say that some of our favorite photography projects that result with some of our best work are the ones where clients totally trust our process and vision and give us a free reign. This editorial/headshot assignment from Hour Media was one of those photoshoots. The design director, Ken Cendrowski, reached out to me about photographing portraits of Nexteer‘s president (Mike Richardson), their Director of Global Corporate Affairs (Luis Cannales) and one of their industrial electricians (Amy Parrent). The photographs were to accompany an article about Nexteer in a Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s magazine Mich. I was given the contacts to our subjects and took it from there. After a few back and forth emails we found a date that worked for everyone and settled on the location – Nexteer’s Global Technical center in Saginaw, Michigan.

We started the shoot day by scouting for a few distinct locations where we would take the portraits and putting together a semi-mobile light set up (think Matthews Hollywood Baby Jr. Triple Riser roller stands) that we could take between locations easily. For this shoot we ended up using 3 Paul C Buff’s Einstein lights powered by 2 Vagabond Mini batteries and triggered by a Cyber Commander.

All of our subjects were beyond accommodating and easy to photograph which made for a very smooth and swift photoshoot. Here are some of the finished images along with a tearsheet.