Client: Unagi Scooters
Photography/Lighting/Retouching: Marek Dziekonski
Scouting: Marek Dziekonski
: Marek Dziekonski
1st Assistant / Video DP: Jamie Honce

Brief: To conceptualize and produce a dramatic, edgy look for California based electric scooter brand – Unagi Scooters. To scout a location fitting the brief and to execute the commercial product photography shoot. 
Genre: Commercial product photography

Unagi Scooters, a California based electric scooter company, found us looking for a product photography studio with a unique style. They reached out to see if we could collaborate on a hybrid photo/video shoot of their new electric scooter line. After a few phone meetings we found ourselves on the same page and confident that we could produce a look that would set them apart.

Once we got a formal go ahead and the scooters were scheduled to be shipped to us in Metro Detroit, we started tailoring the concept and began the scouting process. Our initial plan was to photograph in studio but as I started to tailor the lighting approach, I really envisioned a location that would be all concrete. Whenever I need a new build location, my first call is usually to Custom Creations Building Company. They happened to have a build with an unfinished basement featuring concrete floors and walls – exactly what I was looking for.

Having the location dialed in, my next step was a call to Jamie Honce from Clearview Media to see if he’d like to jump on board to DP the video portion of the shoot for me – I was glad to hear he was available.

The shoot day went really smoothly. The plan was to start with a photography set up utilizing Flashpoint AD 600 Pro lights and then seamlessly move to the video portion, utilizing the same set up with the same modifiers but switching out the Flashpoints for 3 Aputure 120 D LED lights and a Kitotehnik Practilite. Going this route ensured that the look across the product images and video was consistent and blended seamlessly. 

Here is the finished video and photo product:

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