Marek Dziekonski

Photographer | Retoucher

Marek studied Art Design and Media at Richmond University in London. He founded Dziekonski Photography in 2009. He loves creating abstract art and, through his personal projects, worlds that don’t exist.


Anne Dziekonska

Studio Manager

Anne graduated with a BA in Organizational Communications (with honors!) from U of M Flint. She was the student commencement speaker at her graduation. She has been with Dziekonski Photography since the very beginning in 2009. Without her it would all fall apart.


Shane Tincu

Production manager | creative consultant

Shane has been involved in creative fields for 9 years. He has an extraordinary attention to detail and his creative ideas will take any assignment to the next level. He tags along to the complex, more demanding shoots. Wherever he goes, the light follows and angels sing.