CASE STUDY: Meritor – Stylized Commercial Product Photography Project in Troy, Michigan

Client: Meritor
Agency: HMH Agency and Traffic Digital Agency
Creative Director: Kathy Suchowiecki
Photographer: Marek Dziekonski
1st Assistant: Shane Tincu
2nd Assistant: David Heslip

Brief: To design a bold and dramatic lighting concept matching Meritor’s Run With the Bull campaign and to photograph 60 parts maintaining consistent aesthetic.
Genre: Commercial Product Photography
Location: Troy, Metro Detroit, Michigan

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CASE STUDY: Unagi Electric Scooters Product Photo and Video Shoot in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Client: Unagi Scooters
Photography/Lighting/Retouching: Marek Dziekonski
Scouting: Marek Dziekonski
: Marek Dziekonski
1st Assistant / Video DP: Jamie Honce

Brief: To conceptualize and produce a dramatic, edgy look for California based electric scooter brand – Unagi Scooters. To scout a location fitting the brief and to execute the commercial product photography shoot. 
Genre: Commercial product photography

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Advertising Photoshoots, Set Life and Production in the midst of COVID-19 crisis

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CASE STUDY: Birmingham Ultimate Fitness – Advertising Athlete Portraits in Birmingham, Michigan

Client: Birmingham Ultimate Fitness
Photographer: Marek Dziekonski
Assistant: Shane Tincu
Brief: To create and execute a concept for high end, unique personal trainer headshots, conveying the impact of exercise in daily life.

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CASE STUDY: Efficiency United – Advertising, Lifestyle and Stock Photography for Michigan-Based Energy Company

Client: Efficiency United
Agency: CLEAResult
Creative Director: Christina Meisner
Art Director: Diana Maes
Photographer: Marek Dziekonski
Real Style (talent: Anita Irons and Timothy Craiger)
The iGroup (talent: Jan Cartwright and Jim Mika)
Puppy talent & handler: Suzanne Rondeau
Production manager: Shane Tincu
1st Assistant: David Heslip
2nd Assistant: Tim Heslip
Neiman’s Family Market
Rudy’s Market
Casting: Christina Meisner, Diana Maes, Marek Dziekonski (with big help from RealStyle and iGroup agencies)
Scouting: Marek Dziekonski
Brief: To work closely with CLEAResult’s team and produce and execute a photoshoot for Efficiency United that would yield advertising images to be used online, in print, and TV, consistent with their brand.

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CASE STUDY: Neiman’s Family Market – A Product and Food “Speed” Photography for a Catalog

Client: Neiman’s Family Market
Photographer: Marek Dziekonski
Brief: Photograph a total of 80 product/food images in two different set ups within 3h timeframe.

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CASE STUDY: Portraits of Michigan State’s Football Players for Fox Sports

Client: 20th Century Fox – Fox Sports Networks
Creative Director: Erin Hoskins
Photographer: Marek Dziekonski
1st Assistant/behind the scenes image: Shane Tincu
MSU Athletes/Talent: Connor Cook, Shilique Callhoun, Darrien Harris, Riley Bullough, Josiah Price, Jack Allen.
Brief: To photograph 6 Michigan State Spartans football players on green screen within 5 minutes with each player. The principle use of the portraits was in video commercials and hype spots leading to the game for the Big Ten crown against Iowa Hawkeyes.

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